Economy frozen egg donation program

2 500€

Minimum price: IVF program with donor oocytes is cheaper than IVF program with patient oocytes

What is included in the program:

Diagnosis and treatment

Personal fertility specialist and a medical coordinator who will be constantly in touch with you at all stages of your treatment

Initial consultation with a fertility specialist and the unlimited number of consultations during the program

Free 3-day access to the IVMED egg donor catalog

Selection of an oocyte donor and of her 6 vitrified oocytes

Personalized plan of treatment, preparation for embryo transfer, and drug support after the transfer

Additional examination of women and men, spermogram and preparation of the sperm (partner's or donor's sperm) for fertilization

Embryology Laboratory

Thawing of 6 donor oocytes, fertilization by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo cultivation for 5 days

Embryo transfer, a detailed report on embryological development and photos of transferred embryos


A package of medications to support pregnancy after embryo transfer


Assistance in obtaining visas, booking hotels and organizing the trip

Patient support during and after the treatment program

Service Quality Assurance

You can be sure of the genetic health of the oocyte donor – it is confirmed by genetic examination of the oocyte donor

Egg Donors at IVMED:

  • women 21-30 years old with good somatic health
  • absence of obvious negative traits of appearance or body-build of the donor
  • lack of bad habits among donors: addiction, alcoholism, toxicomania, smoking
  • each donor has healthy child / children of her own
  • have passed a medical and genetic examination
  • tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, urogenital and TORCH infections
  • donors have no contraindications to oocyte donation

The effectiveness of the treatment

* rate doesn't include the male factor (if sperm meets the quality criteria) and assumes the absence of the patient's genetic and immunological pathologies

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Frequently asked questions

1How can I choose a donor of oocytes?
In order to choose a suitable donor, you should leave a request on our website. Our coordinator will contact you to clarify the parameters of the donor that you are interested in (race, hair color, eye color, body composition, etc.). After that, our specialist will select the candidates who may be suitable for you according to the specified parameters, and send you donor profiles for review, among which you can choose your donor.
2Is it possible to carry out the preparation for embryo transfer at home, without coming to Kyiv?
Yes, you can undergo the medical preparation for embryo transfer in your country, periodically visiting the doctor who will provide you with ultrasound diagnostics. It’s not necessary to come to Kyiv for this.
3How many days will you need to spend in Kyiv during the program?
In order to participate in the donation program with frozen oocytes, it is enough for you and your partner to stay in Kyiv from 1 to 5 days. We will take care of your comfortable stay and provide complete information support.
4 Are pregnancy support medications included in this program?
Pregnancy support medications are already included in this program. You do not have to buy any additional medicines.
5 Can the genetic testing of the embryos be done in this program?
You can use the service of preimplantation genetic testing of embryos for additional fee, since PGT is not included in the program.
6 Will the donor ever learn that she was a donor to us?
The clinic carefully observes the law of Ukraine on the anonymity of donation and will keep the confidentiality of both parties (both the oocyte donor and the couple undergoing treatment).
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Egg donor candidates

150+ comprehensive profiles of egg donors indicating more than 30 characteristics of each donor, including their photos.


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